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We at Websites Factory, have been helping multiple business owners to reach up to their clients on the web and specifically towards the mobile market, the mobile market is estimated to increase about 80% in the market place, where you could find many users clinging onto the mobile devices for their search interests.

The technological advancements have been steadily and drastically transforming the business and the way it is being carried across in the digital space. In this particular transition, the websites are no exceptions which faces the stride, they are made to be compatible to get navigated through the mobile revolutions.

There is an estimate that closed 60% to 70% searches for various commercial transactions are made possible through the mobile devices and the searches through the smart phone devices have become an integral part.

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We create the online presence for the business owners and enable their mobile friendly websites to load fast, easy to access and perform certain commercial transactions with ease, through their tablets and smart phones.

Websites Factory have been in its realm in enabling the newly designed websites to get the essential ingredients within to reposition themselves to get an ideal fitment across various screens and to also adapt to the diverse range of sizes as per the mobile devices. We ensure that we implement the Responsive Web Design or RWD to all the sites.

It goes without mentioning that in today's context, Google has transformed itself as a powerful search engine and has been accredited to acquire 70% of the market share with reference to the online visibility, and has been predominantly considered to be taking up its complete stake and authority over the Search Engine Optimization process.

Google understands that the responsive web designs are a definite must for the organizations who tend to make their Websites viral in the online market space. Websites Factory has been able to capitalise on this trend and are able to bring about the best practices of SEO optimised responsive websites. We have been successfully been able to capture the potential audience in the online arena and bring about an increase in the conversion parameters as set by the customer and creates a benchmark towards sales.

It has been quite obvious that most of the desktop's and laptops are pricy as compared to the mobile phone devices. Added to that, these mobile devices do come with their own convenience and could possibly accommodate the required information within it. The responsive Websites brings about the proper fluidity in terms of enabling the content to be read by the audience across all the screen resolutions and devices. This fluidity in the responsive websites makes it the perfect place for becoming a user-friendly site.


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